For far too long investors have blindly relied on investments that can only increase their returns if they increase their risk.  Did you know that in 2018, there were more than 6 million automobile accidents, but there were only 24 accidents involving planes? (NHTSA & ICAO)

If you need to travel cross country today, would you fly or drive?  Most people I meet are using automobile-like investments to reach their retirement goals when they should be flying planes. 

You don’t have to take more risk to make more return.  If fact, you can significantly reduce market exposure and increase your return at the same time by placing quick trades that generate small, repeatable gains. 

Its time we all implemented the 1% Precision Wealth Formula

The fastest way to explore our investing philosophy is to watch our Overview Video below.

Overview Video...Being Retooled SoonOverview Video...Being Retooled Soon

After teaching over 400 students since 2005, DMW is currently no longer offering training courses for the public.  However, if you would like to take advantage of our trading techniques, we have partnered with the following firms to implement our strategies our behalf of their customers:

Self-Directed Investing:
Daily Stock Picks from Finclub

Actively Managed Professional Money Management:
Xenith Financial Advisory Services, LLC