Below are examples of the two courses we used to teach.  Now we focus on providing our proprietary techniques to other businesses in the stock investing space. 

While we were teaching our techniques, DMW took responsibility for each student's learning, and supported the students in their learning style and background experience, providing the tools, support and community so that they could invest with confidence and consistency in the stocks of profitable companies while still employing low-risk strategies.  The key to our student's success: mentoring.



Market Wealth Academy - Core System


Our educational program starts with the "Market Wealth Academy Core System”.  This course is an entry-level mentoring program designed to get you trading and seeing results fast.  Within six weeks you will be simulating real trades and see firsthand how to achieve gains with our system in just minutes a day.

All of our quality mentors have experience trading using the same techniques and will hold your hand through the learning process until you are ready to remove the training wheels and ride free.

Goal: 4-6% per month
Core System Modules:
  1. Module 1, Part 1 - Introduction to the Core System
  2. Module 1, Part 2 - History of the Stock Market
  3. Module 2, Part 1 - Fundamental Analysis
  4. Module 2, Part 2 - Technical Analysis
  5. Module 3, Part 1 - Understanding Charting
  6. Module 3, Part 2 - More Indicators
  7. Module 4 - Learning Watchlist Analysis
  8. Module 5 - Putting It All Together




Market Wealth Academy - Advanced System


To further hone their skills and invest larger sums, each student is encouraged to complete our “Market Wealth Academy Advanced System”.  At the end of this 10 week course you will have learned additional strategies to take much larger profits with even higher consistency.  You will enjoy the added feeling of success gained through additional knowledge and techniques.

Goal: 10-15% per month

Advanced System Modules:

  1. Module 1 - Introduction to Advanced System
  2. Module 2 - Phoenix Trades
  3. Module 3 - Golden Triangle Trades
  4. Module 4 - Catch the Wave Trades
  5. Module 5 - Uptrending/Downtrending Subsequent Trades
  6. Module 6 - Bearish Phoenix Trades
  7. Module 7 - Early Bird Trades
  8. Module 8, Part 1 - Favorites
  9. Module 8, Part 2 - Favorites
  10. Module 8, Part 3 - Favorites


Package Features
Core System
Advanced System
Rate of Return Goal4-6%10-15%
Length of Training6 weeks10 weeks
Time Commitment 5 hours10 hours
Daily Watchlist Analysis30 mins15 mins
Online Video Modules
Mentoring Sessions
Paper-Trading Platform/Online Docs
Daily Watchlist of Stocks
Stock Trading Techniques
Bullish Trading (Uptrending)
Bearish Trading (Downtrending)