Every student graduates having been certified as capable of generating 1%

on a weekly basis with a success rate of 95%+. 

When our students first hear that we are encouraging them to master a 1% return on investment they are puzzled. How can 1% make a difference in someone's investment strategy?

1% makes all the difference because when a student has mastered the 1% technique, they are now able to recreate that transaction several times per month. In fact, each student graduates the course demonstrating the ability to identify profitable companies that generate 1% each week. With 52 weeks in a year, the returns are much greater than traditional investing.

Income Generated Trading 1% per Week

Income Generated Trading 1% per Week

You can see most anyone graduating from our course has a good chance of retiring from their trading within five years depending on how much capital they use.



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We have built a system that takes responsibility for the student's learning and does not simply provide information or magic software.  Our students are from all walks of life and backgrounds, and they succeed because in a short period of time they became virtual trading experts due in part to our one-on-one mentoring.